Welcome to the wonderful world of everything green. From plants and food, to all things environmentally sustainable, I strive to bring you current, easy to use news and ideas. I focus on info that is easy to understand and implement.  Living a healthy life isn’t always the easiest way but it is rewarding to live in harmony with nature.  For centuries, that is the only way people knew how to live. We can too!  With their info and our updated research and technologies,  we can do it with ease and grace in the most pleasing way.  Your comments and feedback are always welcome.


See Faith at USC Library!

Monday at 7 pm, October 9, 2017
Natural Living Part 3: Natural Home & Body
I will be sharing info on how to turn your home into a toxin free zone. Learn to create a healthy haven for your family with natural & green choices for everything home related. From furnishings & accessories, air, water quality, & sustainable remodeling choices to cosmetics, body care, pet products & green cleaners for your whole home – including recipes to make your own! We include our furry friends with lots of tips for your pets – Including greening up your yard without toxic pesticides & other chemicals. Join us for another Natural Living session chock full of information usable today!  Also live streamed.

NEXT EVENT:  Monday, October 16, 2017 at  Upper St Clair Library 7 pm

Part 4: The Energy & Quantum Physics Connections of Natural Living

Living in harmony with nature.  Anecdotes and practical tips to using natural substances, frequencies & information fields for a more vibrant life. Exploring energetic connections & options for greater health & well being.

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