Natural Home

Over the last 100 years, synthetic materials and chemicals used in manufacturing our home furnishings and cleaning products have caused numerous allergies and health issues.  Once in your home, these chemicals release noxious gases into your home environment.

You know what “new car smell” is, well this is “new furniture” smell! That odor is the chemicals reacting with the oxygen in your air. Do you know that used car dealers actually spray chemicals in used cars to give them that “new car smell”? As a side note on this topic, food manufacturers lace our foods with additives to trick our senses of smell and taste into thinking they are getting something good to eat. More on this on my food page.

This off-gassing (chemicals released into your air) is responsible for aggravating numerous ailments from headaches to fibromyalgia. If you are chemically sensitive or autistic these toxins will drive your body crazy but you won’t even realize that they are the cause.

Good news! There are alternative natural materials to use and methods to clear the toxic gases out of your home.

Here we will discuss alternative home furnishing, kitchen and bath products including natural cleaners and recipes to make your own, air filtering, water filtration and alternative non-toxic materials to use. We also delve into remodeling and building materials. All of this info is a must for anyone with allergies, autism and chemical sensitivities. If there is information you are looking for that you don’t see here, please contact me thru the email contact form and I will do what I can to help you.